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Natural sourdoughs rely on a slow fermentation process that allows the bread to develop in ways you can't find with store-bought or mass-produced bread. This fermentation process yields a chewy texture, crisp crust and amazing aromas, with an added benefit of partially breaking down gluten.

But we are not only about the breads. We focus on quality ingredients where everything is baked fresh daily, Because of this, different products will be available at different times of the day. Come at opening, and you'll find freshly brewed coffee, espresso drinks, croissants, Danish, and small breakfast sandwiches prepared on our brioche buns. Whole loaves come out next, and in time for lunch Focaccia, lunch-time sandwiches, soup, and salads are available. Quiche, loaf cakes and our Babka (which has quite the following!) is available throughout the day. 

The menu is a representation of our daily offerings. We are often asked in the store why we don't have a posted menu. As a bakery, items sometimes change, sell out, or may not be available on a specific day.  We believe this is what makes our store special - you may find a surprise some days! Come check us out, or give us a call, to see what we have available today.