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Tea Service Kit (iced)


Your choice of In Pursuit of Tea Flash-Brewed Iced Tea 

Linden: Known in Europe as tilleul, this infusion has a delicate floral aroma with a refreshing honey-sweet and herbacious taste. Lauded for its soothing effects, linden has been popular for centuries and is naturally caffeine-free. This lot was harvested in Greece. 

Mint: For centuries, mint has been enjoyed after meals as a digestive, and it remains a popular caffeine-free alternative to tea. The name derives from the Greek nymph Minthe. Aromatic, sweet and comfortingly smooth, this herbal is completely caffeine-free.

Ceylon: Hailing from Sri Lanka, Ceylon tea yields a classic British-style cup and is often used in breakfast tea blends. This unblended single lot, grown in the low-elevation Ratnapura district, is a superior grade  from New Vithanakande Estate. For this type, only the top quality tea leaves are hand-picked and carefully processed. These buds contribute exquisite flavor to a brisk and honeyed infusion, with hints of baked goods, citron, and sundried tomato, and a pleasant, lingering astringency. 

Please indicate below if you require cups and straws. 

This tea is best unsweetened, and does not need milk, but please indicate below if you would like milks delivered with your tea.

Serves 10, 96 oz container


Tea Choice

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12 Liv Breads compostable branded cold cups and compostable straws

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