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Please read about our current operation on our ordering page

First and foremost, we miss having you in the bakery. The energy you bring to our operation is greatly missed and we can't wait to have you back in to watch our bread bakers at work, see (and smell!) the babkas coming out of the oven, interact with our front of house crew, and sit and enjoy a sandwich and an espresso. 

Because we chose to close our doors to customers physically entering the bakery in order to protect our staff and our customers, our interior has been turned into a production and packing operation! We receive our orders online and the early mornings are spent baking breads and pastry, packing product, and preparing customers' bags for pick-up or delivery. And, since we have access to items that are greatly in demand, we've started offering customers some pantry and dairy/produce options to ease the current stress associated with food shopping. 

Our staff wears masks and gloves while working, and we sanitize on a regular basis. All orders are brought out curbside and placed in our customers' cars, preferably into an already open back seat or trunk. Our Whole Foods delivery van now does double-duty in the afternoon making the rounds delivering orders to customers' homes. 

A note about our rewards program: We've always had a rewards program in place where customers accumulated a point for each coffee or tea purchase. We recently extended the program to include the accumulation of a point when purchasing a whole loaf. Unfortunately, Square, our payment processor and e-commerce tool, does not yet have the capability to redeem rewards when making an online purchase. We did not want to discontinue our rewards program when we moved to online sales, so you are still accumulating points if you are a member of our rewards program. As soon as we are able to allow customers back into the bakery for in-person purchases, we will certainly honor any rewards that have accumulated.