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How does your loyalty program work?

Yes! We do offer a loyalty program. Our loyalty program is managed through your phone number, no punch card needed! 

You may enroll into our loyalty program when making an in-person purchase,  or enroll and check your status here:

Earning points

  • Earn one point for brewed coffee or tea, espresso drink purchase
  • Earn one point for a whole loaf purchase purchase*
  • Earn 10 points when purchasing a Liv Breads commuter mug or  canvas tote

Earning points in person: Use the credit card tied to your account, or enter in the phone number associated with your loyalty account when making your purchase.

Earning points online**:

When making an online purchase, make sure you enter in the phone number tied to your loyalty account during the checkout process. If your order contains items that earn points, the points will be automatically added to your account. The order confirmation screen will display your loyalty account balance.

Redeeming your rewards

  • 10 points earned: 100% off any coffee or tea beverage of choice
  • 15 points: 100% off a selection of whole loaves***

Redeeming points in person: If the system recognizes your card, you will receive automatic prompts asking you if you'd like to redeem award points, provided you have the required points available in your account, and the items eligible for reward in your order. If you do not receive an automatic prompt, you can enter in the phone number associated with your loyalty account in order to view the points available, and redeem an award.

Redeeming points online: During the checkout process enter in the phone number associated with your loyalty account when entering in your personal information. If your account has the required points to redeem a purchase for an item in your order, you will be asked if you would like to redeem points. Follow the prompts to redeem your award!

*Holiday pre-orders purchases made through Tock are not included in our reward program.

**Baguettes and breadsticks, brioche buns, do not earn points

***Certain breads may not be redeemed using points, including Country and Whole Wheat Sandwich Loaf, Country Jalepeno and Cheddar, Six Strand and Celebratory Challah.